Tashkent – "Courage" Memorial Complex

The "Courage" Memorial was opened on 20 May 1970 г. (sculpture D.B. Ryabichev, architect S.R. Adylov). It is devoted to the subject of remediation measures after the Tashkent earthquake of 1966.

Conceptual center of the complex is a cube of black labradorite stone, split in two pieces. One side of the cube is carved with a clock-face, showing the time of the earthquake - 05:23 AM, the other, with the date - 26 April 1966.

A crablike crack from the cube chip comes to the pedestal with a multi-figure statuary group . The bronze sculpture represents a woman cuddling a baby, with her hand pushing aside, as though to protect the baby from the disaster. The male figure symbolizes courage. The bronze basement of complicated form symbolizes the destructions inflicted by the Tashkent earthquake. Seven narrow paths converge in the low marble pedestal, leading to 14 steles, where there are cross-cutting bronze reliefs representing the builders who restored Tashkent. The steles symbolize the assistance rendered to Tashkent by fraternal republics.