Tashkent – Barak Khan Madrassah

The Barak-khan madrasah is located in a former Sebzar part of the Old Town in the territory of Khast Imam. The construction of the madrasah was carried out by several stages.

Initially two mausoleums were erected: the first that of Suyunijkhan (1530/32), the ruler of Tashkent apanage, the second, a nameless one (close to the time of erection). They were included in the system of the apanage prince Barak-khan madrasah in 50-s of the XVI century.

The madrasah differs from the traditional buildings of this type but keeps following the main principle of arrangement around an open yard. It is trapezoidal in plane, elongated in the direction from north-east to south-west; its longitudinal axis is emphasized with a large entrance portal and a volume of the Suyunijkhan mausoleum, heavily protrusive on the back facade.

Two-ayvan yard is surrounded by one-storey residential khudjrs built along its perimeter. The decor is unique for Tashkent: the portal bay is crowned by "kalab-kari" dome; tympan and pylons faced with majolica and brick mosaic, the khudjr windows are decorated with ganj panjara with different pattern of geometric ornament. In 1955-63 the madrasah was renovated with participation of the Uzbek master Usta Shirin Muradov.